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Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)
In July 2003 the founders of Community Wireless recognized the growing demand for a high-speed Internet solution to the rural market that was lagging behind. In 2004, after a year of research, planning and development community wireless entered into the High Speed Internet service industry. Initially our market was Clark County Indiana however as word of mouth spread so did we. Currently we service most of Clark and Floyd County, a large portion of Harrison and Crawford County as well as southern Scott County.

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Covid-19 Update - What we are doing
Extended Free Hours, Faster slow downs, Late Fee and Suspension Avoidance Read the release
Covid-19 Release

New Washington
New Washington is now a GigaBit City through our Community AirFiber product line. Offering speeds up to 1,000 MBPS

We now have 1,000 MBPS feeding multiple hotspots in New Washington and Downtown Charlestown currently free to assist the community

Hawks Landing Subdivision
Community AirFiber has been deployed through Hawks Landing