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High Speed Internet for Henryville Indiana

Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)
Community Wireless provides Fast, Dependable High Speed Internet service for homes and businesses in Henryville Indiana. In Henryville Indiana we have speeds up to 10 Mbps download and upload with usage plans to fit your needs. Speeds are best effort and dependent on your line of site to the towers, Non Line of Site customers can expect speed from 1 to 3 mbps. Which should be fine for Standard Def Netflix.

Is online gaming, Skype, Facebook, Netflix Working From Home, Online School Your thing? Then we have the service for you! Our low latency, high bandwidth plans make it easy to run these applications and so much more.

We are also looking to expand our services in the Henryville Indiana area.

If you have land, are at a decent elevation and have neighbors that need a fast dependable service call us today, we can help!

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Covid-19 Update - What we are doing
Extended Free Hours, Faster slow downs, Late Fee and Suspension Avoidance Read the release
Covid-19 Release

New Washington
New Washington is now a GigaBit City through our Community AirFiber product line. Offering speeds up to 1,000 MBPS

We now have 1,000 MBPS feeding multiple hotspots in New Washington and Downtown Charlestown currently free to assist the community

Hawks Landing Subdivision
Community AirFiber has been deployed through Hawks Landing